FAQ's - Connecting Flights

    What is Connecting Flights?

    Any Booking with respect to the Connecting Flights shall be required to be booked in advance and both segments in the Connecting Flights shall be confirmed on the same PNR, fees & surcharges will be applicable only with respect to one segment.

    Does Connecting Flights involve change of Aircrafts?


    How will I check in for Connecting Flights?

    For international travel, the passenger should carry all required travel and visa documents for complying with all laws, regulations, orders, demands and travel requirements. For domestic fights the check in starts 02 hours prior to the scheduled departure time and closes 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Transit procedure for a passenger having a connecting international flight from domestic arrival and vice-versa is as follows:

    • At the time of check-in passenger(s) will be issued boarding card(s) only up to the point of transit. Passengers are advised to compulsorily retain the boarding pass until exiting the terminal for security reasons. Passengers on via and connecting flights should keep their boarding pass handy for physical check at transit points.
    • For domestic connection passenger can collect their baggage from final destination.
    • Transportation from arrivals of one airport terminal to departure terminal of another airport may be provided by the Airport Operator. In the absence of the same the passenger shall be required to arrange suitable transportation.
    Food or lodging will not be provided at the transit points.

    What if my Connecting Flights cancelled?

    In case of delay or cancellation of a flight operated as part of the Connecting Flights, the following shall apply:

    • In case of delay or cancellation of the flight at the point of origin which leads to the possibility of a missed connection at the point of transit, the Passenger shall have right to choose a refund; or a credit shell for future travel on SpiceJet; or re-booking onto an alternative SpiceJet flight at no additional cost, subject to availability.
    • In case of a delay or cancellation of the connecting flight at the point of transit, SpiceJet will at its discretion and subject to availability of seats, offer the Passenger the option to travel on the next SpiceJet flight.