FAQ's - Discount

    Is there a special discount for group bookings on SpiceJet flights?

    Groups of over 6 passengers may be provided with consideration for special fares. Group requests should be made to our group desk https://groups.spicejet.com/

    Does SpiceJet offer any special offers such as a frequent flyer program?

    Yes, SpiceJet offers a frequent flyer program called SpiceClub that offers unmatched rewards, exclusive privileges and added comforts at every level. Please visit https://spiceclub.spicejet.com/ for more details.

    Is there a special fare for senior citizens and students?

    SpiceJet offers up to 14% discount on base fare (Till the further notice) for senior citizens on the bookings made online www.spicejet.com or through our Reservations Helpline.

    Students, who belong to recognized university, will get up to 10% discount on base fare (Till the further notice) on all the bookings made online www.spicejet.com or through our Reservations Helpline.

    Does SpiceJet offer a family package fare?

    Yes, SpiceJet offer discounts to families and friends travelling together. Travel with family & friends to get upto 25% off on base fare when you book for 2 or more people together. For more details log on to https://corporate.spicejet.com/FamilyAndFriendOffer.aspx

    Does SpiceJet offer standby tickets?

    No, SpiceJet does not offer stand-by tickets to passengers. All passengers booked on a flight are guaranteed a seat.

    What is a Spicy Code?

    Spicy codes are specific codes given out to our Passengers to obtain a discount as and when certain promotional activities are carried out by SpiceJet. When a promotion occurs on SpiceJet, these Spicy Codes are given out to our Passengers and/or Travel Partners through E-Mail or SMS, which may be used on the website to avail discounts on the basic fare.

    Conditions :

    • Every spicy code is active for only a certain period of time.
    • Some spicy codes may be restricted to only Travel Partners/ Specific Travel Partners or may be given out to all our Passengers.
    • Certain low fares may be excluded from these spicy code promotions.
    • Discount may be a fixed or a percentage value and the amount of discount may vary with every promotional activity.
    • Discount may or may not print on the Itinerary subject to the specific conditions of the promotional activity.
    • During the promotional activity, spicy codes can be used for any number of PNRs/Passengers.

    Usage :

    During the booking process, on the payment page, you would be given an option of entering the Spicy Code. On entering this Spicy Code and clicking Continue, the effective discount will be applied and reduced from the basic fare. Now, you can make the balance payment as per the payment options available on the site.