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Special Assistance

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Carriage of Wheelchairs (Passengers with Limited Mobility & Senior Citizens) and Provision of Ambulift

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Carriage of Persons Suffering from Mental Disorders or Epilepsy in Aircraft:

Carriage of Stretcher Case Passengers

A stretcher passenger is an ill/injured passenger who, because of their physical or mental condition, can only travel on a stretcher fitted in the aircraft. Travel on a stretcher is subject to prior approval, availability and payment of the applicable fee/fare.

Carriage of stretcher passengers on the international routes is not permitted.

Carriage of stretcher in SpiceJet flight is subject to certain restrictions as mentioned below:

  • Stretcher cases will be accepted on all direct flights subject to feasibility of aircraft configuration.
  • Clearance for all stretcher cases will be done by the SpiceJet Chief Medical Officer and operations. write an email to custrelations@spicejet.com to enquire about the charges associated with the carriage of stretcher.
  • A request for accommodating stretcher case passenger must be made atleast 48 hours prior to the flight departure.
  • The medical form is available here, which needs to be filled up by the patient’s treating doctor prior to booking and sent to the SpiceJet Chief Medical Officer by email (custrelations@spicejet.com )or Fax (0124-3913888)
  • For flights departing out of Mumbai, stretcher passenger and the accompanying escort must get their Covid-19 RT-PCR test done 96 hrs prior to the departure. Test reports of the stretcher passenger and the accompanying escort, along with the medical summary/discharge summary of the stretcher passenger must be shared with the airline at custrelations@spicejet.com, atleast 24 hrs prior to their flight.
  • Only one stretcher case per flight will be permitted.
  • A maximum of 2 passengers (including the treating physician) are permitted to accompany the stretcher passenger.
  • The total free baggage allowances will be according to the number of seats paid. However, each passenger will be allowed to carry only the single entitlement of hand baggage and personal articles.
  • Clearance from Medical Department has to be obtained.
  • Passengers requiring stretcher should report 2 hour prior to the departure of their flights.
  • The flight(s) on which the stretcher case passenger is being carried, may be rescheduled for that particular day, as time would be required to fix the stretcher and necessary equipment on board the aircraft.
  • SpiceJet would be responsible only for the transport of the passenger by air from one sector to another. Arrangements for and cost of all equipment/ medications/accompanying medical escorts/ambulift facility etc., would have to be borne by the passenger.
  • Important Notice: The distance between the cabin overhead panel and stretcher top cushion is 2 feet and the height of the stretcher from the floor is 3.39 feet. Please note that the stretcher is installed as per the manufacturer's recommendations as specified in SpiceJet engineering manual and we regret that individual requests for any alteration in installation cannot be met with.

Medical Clearance

  • Assessment by company doctor/designated doctor (in stations where company doctor is not available) just before departure may be required in certain cases, before giving final approval. This would be mentioned by the SpiceJet Medical department in the clearance accorded and communicated to the internal departments as well as to the passenger representatives. A fresh MEDA form (giving details of passenger’s medical condition) on the day of travel may be asked for in selected cases. If the passenger’s medical status is noted to have deteriorated, as compared to the details provided in the MEDA form, permission to fly may be refused. In all cases, the decision of the SpiceJet medical department regarding the fitness of passenger to fly and the type of escort required, will be final.
  • The MEDA Form should be complete, accurately and legibly filled by the patient’s treating doctor and faxed to the chief medical officer, at least 48 hours prior to the flight. All medical details asked for must be completed. The passenger must produce a certificate from his treating doctor certifying that he is fit to travel by air and is free from any contagious disease as well as a detailed medical report from the treating doctor.
  • The indemnity bond should be completed and signed by the patient/his relative on reaching the airport.
  • After confirming fit to fly status, the doctor on duty will certify and fax the MEDA form back to the departure station.
  • Passengers requiring stretcher should report 2 hour prior to the departure of their flights.
  • Relatives and passengers must also request their treating physicians to refer to the 'GUIDELINES' printed on the reverse of the MEDA Form.
  • Due to security reasons, personal oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, etc., will not be carried on board the aircraft.
  • Cabin Staff are trained in first aid only and are not expected to render special nursing care to critically ill cases. Cabin crews are not permitted to administer injections or open physician kits which contain life saving drugs and equipments. These kits can be opened only under instructions of Registered Medical Practitioners.
  • No services such as urine bags, pampers, etc., will be provided by SpiceJet. Passengers will have to make their own arrangements if they wish to carry any of these items.
  • No medical support will be provided by SpiceJet. The passenger will have to be accompanied by a medical escort (doctor, with minimum MBBS) or paramedical escort (registered nurse) or non medical escort as per the decision of the medical department.
  • Ambulift Facility will be provided by the airline, however, subject to availability of the same, being provided by the Airport Operator. However, passenger or his relatives may liaise with the respective Airport Manager for this facility well in advance.
  • Ground and Transit oxygen arrangements are to be made by the passenger in conjunction with the Airport manager or ground staff in liaison with AAI.

Carriage of Life Saving Equipment on Board for Passengers Requiring Medical Assistance

  • Carriage of Life Saving and other Medical Equipment on Board will be permitted only after getting clearances from Engineering, Security Departments.
  • Manufacturers’ technical details regarding equipment, safety precautions if any, procurement source, manufacturers contact details etc should be submitted at least 72hrs prior to flight.
  • All equipment on board must be secure.
  • The Treating Physician should give a certificate stating that:
    • All equipments are battery operated (dry, non-spillable, sealed batteries only).
    • The battery does not need to be recharged in-flight (no recharging facilities are available onboard)
    • The equipment is life-saving and will be required in-flight.
    • It will not emit any electromagnetic radiation which could interfere with the communication/navigation of the aircraft or aircraft equipment.
    • There is an adequate supply of fully charged batteries, i.e., sufficient for 150% of maximum expected flight duration. Additional batteries must be packed as per IATA DGR.
  • Guidelines for carrying life-saving equipment on-board to be followed.
  • Ventilators and personal oxygen cylinders/oxygen concentrators are not permitted on the aircraft.