Specially Designed for SpiceJet Passengers

ICICI Lombard General Insurance

Travel Assistance Service Provider

 Asego Travel

Insured Persons

Passengers who travel by SpiceJet only

Purpose of travel

Personal Business & Leisure only

Domestic Travel ProtectionServices

Cover Inception


Min & Max Travel Days


"Period of Insurance" means the period between

  • The scheduled time of departure of the Carrier on which the Insured Person is booked to travel as a fare paying passenger, and
  • The earlier of:
    • The time when the Insured Person returns to his usual place of residence as shown in the Certificate of Insurance, and
    • The expiry date specified in the Certificate of Insurance

The Period of Insurance will be evidenced only by the Certificate of Insurance issued by us during the Policy Period

“Domestic Trip" means a trip where both starting point and destination are within Indian boundaries.

Single Trip shall mean one trip to any destination within the Republic of India during the Policy period, as per details specified in the Schedule to this Policy.

Domestic Travel Protection

Domestic Roadside Assistance–Servicesare available across India, except Islands, Jammu & Kashmir and North Eastern states against the belowmentioned heads.

  • Minor on the Spot Repair
  • Breakdown Services & Towing
  • Flat Tyre Service
  • Battery Service / Jumpstart
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Keys locked inside
  • Lost Keys

Domestic Medical Assistance – This service is available across India except islands

  • Telephone Medical Information: We will offer medical information of a non-diagnostic, non-treatment nature such as disease outbreaks, vaccinations etc. to the customer/customer's family.
  • Medical Service Provider Referral: We will provide the contact details of medical service providers such as hospital, clinics, chemists, diagnostic centers etc. However, we will not be responsible for the outcome of services availed from the recommended providers. 
  • Arrangement of Home Nursing Care: We will arrange for nursing care to be provided at the customer/customer's family's residence.

Domestic Travel Insurance Coverage


Sum Insured (in INR )

Deductibles (in INR )

Medical Treatment



This benefit reimburses your medical bills (upto Rs 50,000) if you are involved in hospitalisation during your trip and need medical attention. For details please read the Policy wording section

Total Loss of Checked-in Baggage



This benefit reimburses you upto Rs 10000 if your luggage is lost while in the custody of the common carrier. For details please read the Policy wording section

Personal Accident [24 Hrs]

INR 100,000


This benefit compensates the legal heir of the person in case of the death of the insure do dismemberment of any body parts. For details please read the Policy wording section

Loss of Deposit (Hotel and Air)

INR 10,000


Reimbursement uptoRs 10,000 for travel and accommodation expenses that the Insured Person has paid and cannot recover, if the trip is unavoidably cancelled during the Risk period due to death or Hospitalisation of insured Person or Insured Person’s immediate family member.Pleaserefere Policy T&C for more details

Trip Delay

INR 2,000


The Company shall reimburse the reasonable additional expenses incurred by the Insured, if his or her trip, covered by this Policy, is delayed beyond a specified number of hours, as mentioned in the Policy Schedule. For details refer terms and conditions.

Missed Connection

INR 5,000


If the confirmed onward connecting flight is missed at the transfer point due to the late arrival of the incoming confirmed connecting scheduled flight and no onward transportation is made available within 3hours of actual arrival time of the incoming flight, the Company will provide for payment of allowance as specified in the Policy Schedule, towards transportation costs to join the trip (must be of the same class of original tickets purchased) together with Accomodation or Refreshment bills. Please refer Policy T&C for more detaials

Emergency Accidental OPD Expenses

INR 5000


Reimbursement uptoRs 5,000 of OPD treatment due to Accident. Please refer T&C for more details.

Premium for 30 days - Per Passenger/Per PNR

INR 169

* This is a summary of benefits and exclusions please refer to policy terms and conditions for full description.


"Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. Content expressed here, does not accept any liability of any sort unless confirmed by an authorized representative of Asego. All Travel Insurance policies are sold via Asego Travel LLP. (CIN no. AAU-1225) under the Corporate Agency of Asego Insurance LLP. bearing IRDAI registration no. CA0776, with insurance underwritten by IRDAI authorised Insurer.