Book SpiceJet's BagProtekt service to guarantee peace of mind for your luggage. In partnership with Blue Ribbon Bags, it efficiently tracks and expedites the return of delayed baggage. BagProtekt also compensates you in case your baggage is declared lost or not returned within 96 hours of flight arrival.

Claim up to
₹19000 (Domestic) &
₹66000 (International) for
each missing or
delayed bag

Expedited tracking
and return of your
baggage by
Blue Ribbon Bags

Up to 2 checked-in
bags covered
per person


BagProtekt can be added from the Add-ons page while booking your flight ticket through our website

On completing the flight booking, the service agreement for BagProtekt will be sent by Blue Ribbon Bags to the email address provided while booking the flight.

You can add BagProtekt even after your booking is made - just fill in your details in the next section.


  1. What is BagProtekt?

    BagProtekt is a service that enables efficient tracking and faster returns of misplaced luggage. Powered by Blue Ribbon Bags, the service also compensates you in case of inordinate delay or loss of luggage.

  2. How can I avail BagProtekt?

    Select the "BagProtekt" add-on while booking your flight on SpiceJet's website and complete your booking. The service agreement will be sent by Blue Ribbon Bags to the e-mail address provided while booking the flight.

  3. Is BagProtekt available for all SpiceJet flights?

    Yes, BagProtekt is available for all domestic and international flights of SpiceJet.

  4. How many check-in bags are covered under BagProtekt?

    BagProtekt covers two (2) pieces of check-in bags per person.

  5. What are the charges for BagProtekt?

    BagProtekt can be availed for just ₹95 and ₹330 per person, for domestic and international flights, respectively.

  6. If my bag is not tracked, how much money will I get?

    In the unlikely event that your bag is not tracked within 96 hours of the flight's arrival time, you will receive ₹19000 and ₹66000 per bag for domestic and international flights, respectively.

  7. I have already booked my ticket. Can I still add this product?

    BagProtekt can be added to your existing booking. Just visit the section above to fill in your flight details in order to retrieve your booking, or visit the Manage Booking section on our website

  8. Can I add BagProtekt to my connecting flight or via flight?

    Yes, BagProtekt can be added to connecting flights as well as via flights with the above-mentioned fee.

  9. I have not received my policy copy yet. Whom should I contact?

    Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a service agreement from Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of the booking. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation within 24 hours of your booking, please write to for further assistance.

  10. I purchased BagProtekt, and my baggage was not delivered upon arrival. What process should I follow?

    The passenger needs to report the delayed or lost baggage to SpiceJet at the arrival airport. SpiceJet will issue a BIR (Baggage Irregularity Report). This BIR (issued by SpiceJet) needs to be filed with Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of the flight's arrival time. It can be done through –

    Further, Blue Ribbon Bags will start tracking the bag and keep you posted regarding the baggage status via e-mail/SMS notification.

  11. Are there any timelines for reporting delayed or lost baggage?

    The delayed or lost baggage must be reported as per the above-mentioned process within 24 hours of the actual arrival time of the flight.

  12. What if I have provided the wrong information regarding delayed or lost baggage?

    If any wrong information has been provided regarding the delayed or lost baggage, it can be rectified within 12 hours of filing a report. Any misinformation not corrected by the passenger within 12 hours will void the service agreement and delayed or lost baggage report.

  13. My baggage was recovered, where can I collect my baggage?

    Passengers can collect the baggage from the airline at the arrival airport. Blue Ribbon Bags does not deliver the baggage to the doorstep. All bags will be considered returned to the passenger and Blue Ribbon Bag's service will be considered rendered when, as per the airline's baggage system, the bag arrives at the airport on record with the passenger's lost baggage claim with the airline.

  14. When am I eligible to claim the service satisfaction guaranteed?

    The passenger can claim the service satisfaction guarantee or claim against lost/delayed baggage if Blue Ribbon Bag cannot trace and return the missing baggage within 96 hours from the estimated arrival of the flight.

  15. Does BagProtekt cover theft of items from the baggage or baggage damage?

    No, the theft of items from the baggage and damage to the baggage is not covered.

  16. What happens if I change/cancel the flight for which I have purchased BagProtekt Service?

    If the passenger cancels the flight, the BagProtekt fee will be refunded in full only if the flight is cancelled at least 2 hours prior (for domestic) or 4 hours prior (for international) to the flight's scheduled departure as per the general T&Cs of SpiceJet The BagProtekt fee is non-refundable if cancelled in isolation.

    In case of a no-show, the amount charged for BagProtekt will be forfeited.

    If the passenger changes the original flight, BagProtekt service will be cancelled and the subsequent fee will be returned. Passengers must rebook BagProtekt service for the new flight by paying the applicable fee.

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