FAQ - General


    What is it like to fly with SpiceJet ?

    Flying with SpiceJet is FUN, AFFORDABLE & EXCITING! As a low fare airline, SpiceJet believes that flying should be a means of transport for everyone "flying for everyone". We aim to provide our passengers a totally unique flying experience that is safe, reliable and on-time with high level of passenger services.

    Does SpiceJet provide any food or drinks onboard?

    Variety of hot meals, sandwiches, chef's choices, and special meals such as meals for diabetics, jain meal, low-calorie salads etc., are available for pre-booking at discounted rates. In addition to these, passengers can also pre-book Cake (Mocha, 500 g) to surprise their loved ones. All meals can be pre-booked up to 6 hours prior to departure, apart from special meals and cake which are available for pre-booking up to 24 hrs prior and 48 hours prior to departure, respectively.

    Our on-board menu offers a variety of ready-to-eat products, munchies and beverages to choose from.

    Where does SpiceJet fly to?

    Click here to know the latest destinations.

    What type of aircraft does SpiceJet fly?

    SpiceJet operates a fleet of Boeing (B737-700, B737-800 & B737-900 ER) and Q-400 aircraft, all configured with a single class cabin. The latest addition to the fleet is Boeing 737-MAX 8 aircraft.

    For more details on each aircraft type, please visit https://corporate.spicejet.com/Fleet.aspx.

    When will SpiceJet be flying to new destinations?

    SpiceJet’s aim is to provide affordable efficient air travel. To achieve this objective, SpiceJet will regularly add services to new destinations. Information about the same shall be conveyed to patrons via suitable means of communication.

    What if I just want to obtain flights schedules without making a reservation?

    Passengers may view latest flight schedule from ‘view our latest flight schedules’ link on the website.
    Link https://corporate.spicejet.com/Schedules.aspx

    Do I need any documents to enter the airport?

    Yes, you would need your flight itinerary and a photo identification proof to enter the airport.

    How do I check-in for the flight?

    For a swift airport experience and to avoid possible long queues at the airport check-in counters, it is highly recommended to web check-in for your domestic flight. Web check-in for your flight by visiting www.spicejet.com or our mobile app.

    Do note, web check-in will close 60 minutes prior to departure. For assistance with check-in or re-issuance of boarding pass through Reservations, a facilitation fee of Rs. 200 per passenger will be charged. Bookings made under the fares of armed forces, senior citizens, unaccompanied minors and for passengers with medical conditions/stretchers are exempted from this fee.

    Check-in may also be done at the airport check-in counters that open three hours prior to departure and close 60 minutes prior to departure. Passengers are requested to report to the check-in counter at least two hours prior to departure.

    What valid ID proof would be accepted at the airport for Port Blair?

    All Foreign Nationals/Non-Indian Nationals/NRI need to carry their Passport with valid documents for their travel to Port Blair(Andaman and Nicobar Island). All NRI must have PIO (person of India origin) or Passport with valid documents.

    Does SpiceJet offer connections to other airlines?

    No, SpiceJet does not offer connections to other airlines and takes no responsibility for missed connections. However, on certain sectors, SpiceJet offers connectivity between two SpiceJet flights (Connected sectors). Booking made for connected sectors will be confirmed under a single reservation number, fees & surcharges will be applicable only with respect to one segment.

    Does SpiceJet offer a frequent flyer program?

    Yes, we do offer a frequent flyer program https://spiceclub.spicejet.com/

    Can I bring my Sports Equipment?

    Sports/ Skiing equipment, Golf bags, large musical instruments, Bicycle, Surf Boards, LCD and LED TVs of sizes more than 39 inches and other such large and/ or out of gauge items will be termed as Special Baggage. Special Baggage, when registered as Checked-in Baggage shall be subject to a Handling Fee, as detailed in the below grid:

    Domestic (Within India) INR 1500
    International (Ex-India) INR 3000
    Ex-Dubai AED 150 + (AED 40* + AED 45*)
    Ex-Ras Al-Khaimah AED 150 + (AED 40* + AED 45*)
    Ex-Colombo LKR 5000
    Ex-Kabul USD 40
    Ex-Male USD 40
    Ex-Muscat OMR 16
    Ex-Bangkok THB 1300
    Ex-Bangladesh BDT 3000
    Ex-HKG HKD 270
    Ex-JED SAR 130
    Ex-RUH SAR 130
    Ex-Dhaka BDT 3400

    *Additional charges charged by the Service Provider & Handling Charges.

    1. For any baggage weights exceeding the applicable free checked baggage allowance, the normal excess baggage charges will be charged in addition to the handling fee as detailed in the above grid. Carriage of all Special Baggage’s shall also be governed by applicable terms and conditions contained in SpiceJet Conditions of Carriage with regard to carriage of fragile items, etc.
    2. Passenger travelling on SpiceJet from a Foreign country to an Indian city and travelling onwards by SpiceJet to a domestic sector booked under the same PNR will not be charged any additional excess baggage or handling charges for any Special Baggage at the transit station.
    3. Connecting passengers under same PNR from a foreign Origin country to another foreign country destination via India on SpiceJet will not be charged any additional excess baggage or handling charges for any above mentioned articles at the transit station.
    4. LED/LCD TVs for size 39 inches and below would be treated as normal Check In baggage.
    5. Maximum two (02) LCD / LED TVs can be carried by one passenger as checked in baggage. (Both the LCD/LED TVs to be charged)
    6. Maximum size of LED / LCD TV that shall be accepted for carriage is 55 inches.

    Carriage policy of Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

    • POC’s are allowed in domestic / international (Boeing and Q-400) direct/ via / connecting flights.
    • POC’s are allowed in hand baggage & check-in baggage both.
    • Request for carriage of Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) in flight should be sent to custrelations@spicejet.com at least 48 hours prior to flight departure.

    What time does boarding close for my flight?

    Boarding gate closes 20 minutes prior to flight departure.

    Can I bring my pets on board with me?

    Pets are not permitted to be carried on-board SpiceJet flights. However, they are permitted to be carried in the cargo hold on domestic flights. For any assistance regarding carriage of pets through cargo, please write to cargocare@spicejet.com.

    I have recently recovered from Covid-19. Can I travel by air?

    If you were diagnosed with Covid-19 and recovered after receiving treatment, you will be allowed to travel only if you have a Covid-19 recovery or discharge certificate from any institution dealing with Covid-19 or a Covid-19 negative certificate that has been recently issued by an ICMR approved testing center.

    What should I do if I feel unwell, fatigued, have respiratory distress, or find a fellow passenger in a similar situation?

    If you feel unwell or come across another passenger who appears to be in a similar position, you must bring it to the immediate attention of our cabin crew on board. Our cabin crew will assist in handling the situation.



  • Introduction (Special Assistance):

    Our employees are trained to assist our differently-abled passengers and for any sorts of limitations, we offer a wide variety of special assistance.

    You can obtain information in advance regarding the assistance we offer, either through this website or by contacting our Reservations on +91-124-4983410 / +91-124-7101600.

    Please be aware that there might be unpredictable circumstances such as weather or mechanical problems that may call for a last minute unavoidable change, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

  • Onboard Facilities:

    Following assistance are available on-board SpiceJet’s aircraft:

    • Assistance in moving to and from seats/lavatory.
    • Help in preparation for eating.

    However, we express our inability to provide passengers with any assistance for personal care needs on-board, such as, eating/ drinking, administration of medication, elimination functions including assistance inside the lavatory, or other personal care needs. If you require assistance with any of these, we recommend that you travel with a personal care attendant.

  • Seating accommodation and aircraft accessibility for differently-abled passengers:

    We will do our best to allocate you a seat that is most suitable to your needs. However, in order to meet the safety requirements as prescribed by the DGCA, passengers with mobility limitations which make it unsafe to facilitate aircraft evacuations will not be given a seat in a location where they would obstruct emergency exits, impede the crew in their duties, obstruct access to emergency equipment or hinder aircraft evacuation.

  • Accessible Lavatories:

    A lavatory with a single panel door is available on all our aircraft. Our cabin crew can provide you with assistance moving to and from the lavatory door but will not be able to assist you inside the lavatory.

  • SpiceJet offers special services for the following:
    • Wheelchair users or passengers using wheelchairs (mobility assistance);
    • Passengers travelling with crutches/ braces/ other prosthetic devices;
    • Passengers with Visual Impairment;
    • Passengers Travelling with Certified Guide Dogs;
    • Passengers with Hearing Impairment;
    • Passenger travelling with spinal support;
    • Passenger travelling with an assistant for medical purposes;
    • Passengers; with intellectual/ developmental/ learning disabilities;
    • Passengers travelling with Internal Medical Devices;
    • Passengers who require a stretcher;
    • Passengers requiring oxygen aid;
  • Mobility Assistance:
    • SpiceJet would be more than happy to provide a wheelchair for you, should you require this service. In order to ensure the service meets your needs, our reservation team and/ or the staff may ask you some questions to determine the level of assistance you require. To allow us to provide the best possible assistance, please provide us with as much appropriate information as possible at the time of your booking and/ or at the time of check-in;
    • SpiceJet wheelchair service is provided, with an attendant, at no additional charge to you. The attendant will assist in transporting you within the airport area, to the boarding gate and/ or the aircraft door (depending upon the airport facilities). Our team is trained in transferring techniques, and can assist if you are unable to transfer by yourself from the wheelchair to/ from your seat. However, to have this facility extended to you an advance intimation to SpiceJet is required;
    • Please contact us at Reservations +919871803333/ +919654003333 should you have any questions about our wheelchair service;
    • If you are travelling in a group of 10 or more people and require wheelchairs, please contact our Reservations =+91-124-4983410 / +91-124-7101600 at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure;
    • Passengers travelling with their own wheelchair differently-abled passengers may use their own manual or battery-powered wheelchair up to the boarding gate and/ or the aircraft door (subject to permission granted by the respective airport authority). SpiceJet allows only manual/ collapsible wheelchairs on all its flights. Unfortunately, battery-powered wheelchair(s) with a wet cell battery shall not be accepted since it’s corrosive in nature and is considered to be a Dangerous Good;
  • Passengers travelling with Crutches / Braces / other Prosthetic Devices:

    Passengers are allowed to use their own crutches, braces and/ or other prosthetic devices up to the aircraft, and may board such items as cabin baggage, provided the passengers are dependent on them.

  • Passengers with Visual Impairment:
    • SpiceJet would request passengers with Visual Impairment to check-in early for their flight (approximately 2-3 hours before the flight departure) for a hassle free experience;
    • If assistance is required within the airport, please make your needs identified at the check-in and/ or at the time of booking;
    • SpiceJet will be able to extend a meet and assist service, individual safety briefings, priority boarding, assistance on-board in moving to and from the seat, reading the menu, helping in boarding and/ or de-boarding and also during flight connections;
    • If you use a cane and/ or other assisting device, it may be carried in the aircraft cabin with you, provided it can be stowed in the overhead compartment. The cane should not block any emergency exit or protrude into the aisle;
    • You may ask our cabin crew for assistance in stowing and retrieving your cane in case it is not collapsible or if it cannot be stowed under your seat.

    All such assisting devices will be carried free of charge. For convenience, you may request our Cabin Crew for the assistance required and we will do our best to assist the passengers in the best possible manner.

  • Passengers with Hearing Impairment

    If you require assistance during your flight with us, we encourage you to let us know how we may best assist you at the time of your booking or during check-in.

    We offer the following assistance:

    • Meet and assist service to escort you to and from the aircraft;
    • Priority boarding.

    We do not require advance notification if you wish to bring onboard hearing aid or assistive listening devices. These devices can be used during all phases of the flight.

    If you plan to bring a transmitting device on-board, please advise us at least 48 hours in advance so we can ensure that it is compliant with the safety requirements.

  • Passengers travelling with Spinal Support Equipment (SSE):

    Passengers must bring their own spinal support equipment and should be fully responsible for its installation, usage and removal. Passenger-supplied spinal support equipment will be carried free of charge. If you are planning to travel with Spinal Support Equipment (SSE), we recommend that you please contact us on +91-124-4983410 / +91-124-7101600, at least 7 (seven) working days prior to departure and inform us of your SSE specifications. Our staff will then check to ensure that whether your equipment can be accommodated safely in the aircraft.

  • Passenger travelling with an assistant for medical purposes:

    For safety reasons, SpiceJet may require some differently-abled passengers to travel with a Safety Assistant that can provide them with assistance in comprehending and responding appropriately to safety instructions from the cabin crew and/or assist them to evacuate the aircraft in the event of an emergency. A Safety Assistant is mandatory if the passenger:

    • Is travelling in a stretcher or incubator or requires medical attention during the flight. The Safety Assistant must be capable of attending to their medical needs;
    • Is unable to comprehend or respond properly to safety instructions due to a cognitive or developmental disability;
    • Has severe mobility impairment, due to which the passenger is unable to evacuate on his own in the event of an emergency;
    • Has severe hearing and vision impairment and cannot communicate with our cabin crew.
  • Passengers having Autism or Intellectual Disability:
    • Passengers with Intellectual disabilities or Down syndrome or Autism can book their flights by contacting SpiceJet’s Reservations at +91-124-4983410 / +91-124-7101600;
    • While making the reservation, please advise us about your specific requirements and the best way to approach and assist in travel;
    • Passengers with intellectual disabilities or Down syndrome or Autism may be required to travel with an Accompanying Passenger.
    • The trained attendant shall carry the treating physician’s certificate along with a prescription for a sedative medicine, which may be administered by the attendant, prior to commencement of travel or as may be required en-route.
    • Passengers with psychiatric and/ or emotional disorders shall always travel with a suitable personal care attendant.
  • Passengers travelling with Internal Medical Devices:

    If you are travelling with an internal medical device, such as a pacemaker or a defibrillator, kindly inform us while making the reservation and also at the airport, to the security personnel conducting your screening, before the process begins.

  • Passengers who require a stretcher:
    • To make a booking for a stretcher request, please inform us no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure of the flight.
    • Passengers are required to take a print-out of the SpiceJet’s medical form (MEDIF) available on the website. The treating physician must fill the form prior to the booking and mail this to custrelations@spicejet.com;
    • Based on an assessment by SpiceJet’s internal physician, the passenger will be communicated about the status for their request for stretcher within 24 hours of receiving the duly filled-in MEDIF via e-mail.
    • Please note that SpiceJet reserves the right to have a SpiceJet medical representative meet the passenger at the airport on the date of travel to determine the passenger’s then-current medical fitness to travel on that date.
    • The applicable charge for accommodating request for stretcher in the aircraft shall be the charge for 09 (nine) seats at the prevailing fare plus a Handling Fee for the stretcher is of INR 30,000 (inclusive of service tax and cess).
  • Passenger carrying Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC):
  • Fitness to Fly Guidelines:
    • Click here for download Fitness to Fly Guidelines

Please find below the forms required for various medical conditions:

Type Of Form Medical Condition Download
Fitness Certificate
  • Persons suffering from any disease, which is believed to be actively contagious and communicable.
  • Persons whose medical condition may develop an adverse physical condition which could have an adverse effect during flight and on safety and emergency evacuation procedure
Medical Information Form (MEDIF)
  • Requirement of oxygen inflight
  • Recent major illness
  • Recent surgery or hospitalisation
  • Use of medical equipment inflight
  • Requirement of stretcher
  • Newborns under 7 days
  • Reduced Mobility – wheel chair users (Old age/ Arthritis/ physical disability – loss of limbs, paralysis/ neuromuscular disorders – multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy)
  • Visually Impaired – vision loss to such extent where it requires additional support.
  • Hearing Disabled – partial or total inability to hear
  • Intellectual/ Learning Disabilities – IQ less than 70; due to mental/ physical impairments, for ex Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy etc
  • Requirement of stretcher
  • Newborns under 7 days

For any assistance for booking and additional information please contact us at +91-124-4983410 / +91-124-7101600