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Sharjah is the third largest emirate of United Arab Emirates (UAE) that constitutes a total of seven emirates. Sharjah is a close neighbour to Dubai with a distance of approximately 20 kilometres between them. It is the only emirate to have land both on the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. Visitors have a contrast of choices in terms of sights in Sharjah. One can explore many of the heritage sites, museums, mosques and stroll around the city taking in the natural beauty of mountains, seas and of course the majestic Arabian deserts. Staying true to shopping spirit of the country, Sharjah has several traditional markets or more commonly known as souks, and shopping malls to satisfy every shopping need. The east coast of Sharjah is dotted with archeological sites built as early as the 2nd millennium. During the 16th century the Portuguese built forts which were used to control the spice trade in the region.

Eating Out!

Sharjah as the rest of the country is bursting with cuisine influences from neighbouring countries in the middle east such as Iran, Lebanon and Oman among others as well as worldwide celebrated cuisines. One must visit local eateries for a taste of arabian delights such as shawarma, manakeesh, turkish coffee and emirati tea

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Iraqi Kebab Ahmad Shawqi Street, Sharjah

Gazebo Level 1, Matajer Mall, Opposite Sharjah Muroor, Al Goaz, Sharjah

Beirut Restaurant & Grills Sharjah Mega Mall, Immigration Road, Bu Danig, Sharjah

Sanobar Al Khan St - Sharjah


Sharjah's souks are among the best in the country. The Blue Souk has in it 600 shops providing the epitome of the Arabic shopping experience. One can find shops selling handicrafts, spices, antiques, traditional clothing, trinkets, jewellery and handcrafted carpets in the souk. Visitors can often be found bargaining for articles in good spirit. Malls in Sharjah bring in the latest worldwide trends and feature the world’s most popular brands.

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Events & Festivals

  • The Sharjah Biennial
    The Arab world’s largest fair for art is a two month event inviting artists from all over to showcase their creativity. This event attracts a large crowd of art lovers and tourists.
  • Sharjah joins in celebrating festivals as the rest of the UAE. Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims during which abstinence is practiced and respects are paid. Eid Al Fitr follows the end of Ramadan and is celebrated with much joy throughout the country and by everyone irrespective of religion.