Set amidst green paddy fields, tall coconut tree and winding roads, Rajahmundry assures a refreshing change to anyone who visits this place. Earlier known as Raja Mahendri, the place boasts of Asia’s largest rail-cum-road-bridge, across the Godavari river besides many other attractions. This bridge built a quarter of a century ago connects the East Godavari district with the West Godavari district. Enjoying a cruise at the Godavari can be an ideal way to savour the beauty of this place.
The Papi hills nearby adds to the mesmerizing view here and is drawing tourists to this quaint city of Rajahmundry. It is the most upcoming industrial hub.

Eating Out!

Relish the sweetened rose milk in the Kotagummam area in the city. Rose Milk is being served for than 50 years here.

SpiceJet Recommendations!

Pattiseema, filmmakers paradise; Kotilingalarevu – is a famous Shiva Temple; visit Kadiyam nurseries, where you can find some of the most exotic varieties of flowers.


Rajahmundry is famous for textile business. It is also called Southern Bombay,Rajahmundry is the second largest cloth market after Mumbai.
Mahatma Gandhi WholeSale Cloth Complex has around 500 wholesale cloth shops catering to the retailers in Godavari, Khammam and Visakha districts. A wide variety of clothes is available at lower prices.
Among other things, Rajahmundry has an impressive line of gold and silver jewellery. Do check out some of the exclusive collections while you are here.

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