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SpiceJet celebrates International Women’s Day in style
Reserves special seats for solo female travelers

Gurgaon, 06 March, 2017: The country’s favourite airline --- SpiceJet --- goes that extra mile to honour all its women passengers on board this International Women’s Day. Stereotyping women has been a pertinent problem not just in India but around the world with certain attributes being blindly associated with women, overlooking their individuality. As a counter to this stigma, and promoting the idea, SpiceJet in a uniquely thought provoking initiative will have all its women front liners (ground + cabin crew) and women staff flaunt badges reading #StopStereotypingWomen besides #InternationalWomensDay and #SpiceJet.

To garner maximum awareness while building a cascading impact, the airline is also running a social media campaign, encouraging people including its employees to break the stereotype created for women while supporting the campaign. One can visit the SpiceJet page on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) to participate in it. The crew, ground staff and women employees will also be encouraged to upload their pictures wearing badges on their social media ;profiles using #StopStereotypingWomen #InternationalWomensDay #SpiceJet.

Besides the campaign, in a slew of initiatives rolled out, the airline is up and running to pamper and make its female passengers feel special as a gesture of gratitude and warmth. In a unique initiative, rendering special attention to its female passengers travelling all by themselves, 8th March 2017 onwards SpiceJet will be reserving the whole of its 4th row for its solo women passengers. The initiative will be observed on all its flights across the fleet inclusive of both Boeings and Q400s.

In case of a full flight scenario, males will be assigned window seats; whereas the aisle and middle seats (B, C and D, E) will be assigned to women on a first come first serve basis. The special seating arrangement is being catered to offer more ease to the solo female travellers, as moving out of the middle or the aisle seats is much easier thereby ensuring safety and comfort to them in case of an emergency and even otherwise.

What’s more? On the D-day, --- 8th March 2017, female passengers travelling alone will also have the special privilege to avail a free upgrade to SpiceMax seats if the latter is available.

Besides extending greetings for the noble occasion through in-flight announcements, the airline will also be offering complimentary hot beverages and cookies to all women passengers on all its Boeing flights along with the F&B service.