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SpiceScreen – Spicy Entertainment at 35,000 Feet!
SpiceJet introduces complimentary in-flight entertainment on all its flights
Made in India: Collaborates with an Indian start-up to develop innovative technology
  • Top-notch technology developed using Android phones to work as Wi-Fi servers & content hub
  • Amazing entertainment delivered directly to your personal device via on board Wi-Fi
  • Compelling content for all ages – blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, cartoons and stand-up comedies
  • Remember to carry your earphones with you!

GURUGRAM, August 10,  2020: SpiceJet, India's favourite airline, today launched ‘SpiceScreen’ – the all-new complimentary in-flight entertainment system offering passengers seamless access to a wide range of indulging content on the go.

An enhanced version of the airline’s existing in-flight entertainment, SpiceScreen, is a first-of-its-kind, light-in-weight, wireless entertainment system that enables seamless delivery of content on to the personal devices of the passengers through the Wi-Fi network.

Unlike traditional in-flight entertainment systems, flyers can easily access SpiceScreen on any of their hand-held devices – a smartphone, tablet or a laptop by simply connecting to the on-board wireless network by following a few easy steps. SpiceScreen is now available across all SpiceJet flights.

Ajay Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, SpiceJet, said, “Innovation and SpiceJet go hand-in-hand. While we are extremely happy to launch our revamped in-flight entertainment system offering our passengers the latest and the best blockbuster content, what makes me specially happy and proud is that most of the technology used in SpiceScreen is ‘Made in India’ – developed indigenously by our team along with a local startup. Using Android  phones, weighing around 200 grams each, to perform the dual role of Wi-Fi servers and content hub is a remarkable achievement and costs us barely 1% of the cost that we were paying previously to foreign service providers!”

“Going forward, we will use the local Wi-Fi for providing additional on-board services to our customers. This is yet another step in our journey towards a stronger and a more Aatma Nirbhar airline.”

Made in India

SpiceJet’s collaboration with a local startup is backed by the strong belief in the idea of ‘Make in India’. This belief encouraged us to develop our own higher quality, low cost indigenous solution for in-flight entertainment at 35,000 feet. The technology enables us to use off the shelf, cost effective android mobile phones as the Wi-Fi server and router as well as the content hub and server. The mobile phones are loaded with our specialized software and do not require SIM cards and each mobile phone can serve about 40 simultaneous connections. With two such mobile phones on-board, we are ready to offer every passenger the seamless high-quality movie watching experience. The entire system underwent rigorous safety checks including extensive safety and radio interference tests before being certified by the regulators to go live.

Our unique Wi-Fi server on-board allows us to quickly innovate in other areas too by developing software for other customer needs without having to depend on a foreign provider. In coming months, the food and beverage menu and duty free sale items will be available on the passenger’s mobile devices and can be ordered on-board through the device. All this and much more awaiting on-board for every SpiceJet flyer with our ’never before’ innovations aimed to give the best of flying experience.

SpiceScreen’s multimedia library

SpiceScreen’s multimedia library will host an abundance of indulging content catering to audiences across all age groups. Ranging from the latest critically acclaimed, blockbuster movies such as Gully Boy, Uri, Raazi, Parmanu and Petta, to popular TV shows like The Kapil Sharma show, Koffee with Karan and hilarious stand-up comedy specials from Kenny Sebastian, Filtercopy and What the Folks, the platform will have something for everyone.

SpiceScreen will also feature compelling regional content for users in 8 major languages – Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi & Gujarati – with popular regional movies like Petta, Agni Devi (Tamil), Wass..Up Zindagi (Gujarati), Mayurakshi (Bengali). Besides, fun-filled content for kids such as Super Bheem, Suppandi & Friends will keep the tiny tots pleasantly engaged on-board. 

To connect to SpiceScreen, flyers need to follow three easy steps – 1. Put your device in airplane mode. 2. Enable Wi-Fi and connect to ‘SPICESCREEN’ Wi-Fi. 3. Open your favourite browser and visit