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Offers a bouquet of end-to-end travel solutions

Gurgaon, 29 December, 2015: SpiceJet, India’s favourite budget airline today rolled out an end-to-end travel solutions platform,, offering customised travel packages thereby rendering a more suave experience to customers who can avail various services while planning their holiday, at no added cost to make it a Red.Hot.Spicy experience! offers a comprehensive platform for customers to choose from thousands of travel packages, spread over a vast network of domestic and international destinations. The deals packs have been specifically designed in consultation with holiday experts thus easing the holiday planning exercise and adding finesse to the end holiday experience.

Customers need to simply decide on the theme of their vacation, say – pilgrimage, honeymoon or a wildlife tour and the platform throws open a wide variety of deals in terms of the location, hotel arrangements, local sight-seeing tours, car rentals among others. Customers can also hand-pick the service features to customize their deal packs to best suit their needs and preferences.

The launch of pilgrimage deal packs has been a pioneering initiative by as the avenue has been explored for the first time in the air travel industry.

The platform which offers highly tailored deals for both business and leisure travellers is well equipped with unique customization features and enables customers to tweak their itinerary even while on the go then may it be adding a day or upgrading a hired car.

The platforms also comes with a special feature where in customers, just with a minimal deposit, which is refundable, can book and hold a booking for up to 48 hours to review with acquaintances.

“We want to ensure our customers have a ‘Red.Hot.Spicy’ experience every single time they venture out for a trip then may it be a long leisure escape or a brief business tour. has been designed as a one-stop shop offering enviable travel deals for you to pick and choose from amongst the best the industry can offer and its unique customization features adds that extra finesse to your planning exercise enabling you to experience the perfect holiday every single time.” said Mr. Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, SpiceJet.

About SpiceJet Ltd:

SpiceJet is India’s #2 budget airline that has made flying more affordable for more Indians than ever before. SpiceJet operates 293 daily flights to 40 destinations, including 34 domestic and 6 international ones.

SpiceJet connects its network with a fleet of 25 Boeing 737NG and 2 Airbus A320 family aircraft along with 14 Bombardier Q-400s. The majority of SpiceJet’s fleet offers SpiceMAX, the most spacious economy class seating in India and perhaps the world, as an additional fee option.