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SpiceJet launches SpiceDemocracy campaign to fly voters home for free
The unique initiative offers free flight tickets to voters who want to cast their vote

GURUGRAM, February 3, 2020 - SpiceJet, the country’s favourite airline, understands the significance of democracy and vote in India. And there is only one way to make democracy work. Show up at the polling booth on Election Day to cast your vote.

While every citizen wants to play their part in making democracy work, it’s not always easy for the millions of Indians who work, study and live far away from their home towns.

Through the years, SpiceJet has been committed to connecting the unconnected and making air-travel a possibility for all. So, continuing to deliver on that core mission, SpiceJet, through its initiative #SpiceDemocracy, wants to help all Indians participate in the democratic process, irrespective of geographical boundaries and help voters from anywhere fly back to their hometowns, for free, so they could cast their vote, starting with the Delhi Assembly Elections on 8th February 2020, as for a proud democracy like India, every vote matters.

SpiceJet is offering hundreds of free international & domestic tickets to select registered voters on its network, only taxes to be paid by the flier, starting with the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections scheduled on 8th February, 2020. Registrations are opened till 5th Feb, 2020. Free round trip tickets will be offered to flyers willing to return on the same day i.e. 8th February 2020. Alternatively, flyers will be offered a one-way free ticket if they plan to fly on 7th Feb and return on 8th Feb or fly on 8th Feb and return on 9th Feb, 2020.

Ajay Singh – Chairman and Managing Director, SpiceJet said, “Voting is a big part of democracy and unfortunately a lot of our working population who live away from their homes is unable to exercise this right. Now, SpiceJet gives voters of Delhi, an opportunity like never before to fly home to cast their vote. We will fly you home from anywhere in India and your tickets will be on us. We hope that with SpiceDemocracy, SpiceJet will help build a stronger and even more vibrant Indian democracy.”

To avail this offer, eligible voters can visit the website registration page, register themselves and share their respective story that what inspires them to vote. Basis the registration, participants would be shortlisted from various geographies and provided free round trip tickets based on their travel dates. Once the flyer casts their vote they will have to post their inked marked selfies with the campaign #SpiceDemocracy to re-emphasize that they actually voted and fulfilled their responsibilities. Through the journey the participants are encouraged to share their story online to inspire others to let distances not come in their way and they “fly to vote”.

Come on, Delhi! Make your vote count!