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SpiceJet launches eight new direct flights effective July
  • First airline to launch direct flight services between Jaipur and Guwahati
  • Commences flight services between Hyderabad and Chandigarh
  • Announces 2 non-stop flights between Hyderabad and Jaipur
  • Commences direct flight services between Delhi and Patna effective 10 July
  • Bookings for tickets are now open

Gurgaon, June 8, 2017: SpiceJet, the country’s favourite low-cost carrier, today announced the launch of eight new direct flights and one connecting flight serving a slew of metro and non-metro cities. Effective from 1st July, the airline will operate a new direct flight on the Hyderabad – Jaipur – Hyderabad route and a new direct flight each on the Jaipur – Guwahati – Jaipur and Hyderabad – Chandigarh – Hyderabad routes respectively. SpiceJet will also operate a direct flight on the Delhi-Patna-Delhi route effective 10 July. SpiceJet will operate its Boeing 737-800 aircraft on these routes.

SpiceJet is the first airline to start a direct flight on the Jaipur – Guwahati – Jaipur route. The new flight is expected to offer multiple options to travelers while increasing their convenience. Besides the new flights for the Hyderabad – Chandigarh – Hyderabad sector also marks the introduction of a new route in the airline’s domestic network.

Ms. Shilpa Bhatia, Sr. VP, Commercial, SpiceJet, said, “SpiceJet is currently on a growth trajectory and maintaining the momentum is critical for us. We will continue to add new flights, scale up operations and enhance our overall network thus steadily increasing the market segment we service. We specially focus on unexplored sectors during network planning to boost air connectivity thereby offering additional flying options and travel flexibility.”

SpiceJet has recently added Patna as the latest station on its domestic network effective 1st July 2017. This is the first time that the airline will be serving the destination with both direct and onward connections. Starting 1st July 2017, the airline will operate daily direct flights to the new sectors of Patna-Mumbai, Patna-Kolkata, Patna-Hyderabad and Patna-Bengaluru. The airline also announced direct flight services on the route Delhi-Patna-Delhi effective 10 July, thus connecting Patna to all metros.

Bookings for tickets are now open on, SpiceJet’s mobile apps and through online travel portals and travel agents.

Flight No. Origin Destination Departure Arrival Frequency Flight Type Effectively Starting all in fare (Rs.)
SG-841 Hyderabad Jaipur 05:50 07:55 ALL Direct 01-Jul 2849
SG-842 Jaipur Hyderabad 15:20 17:20 ALL Direct 01-Jul 2549
SG-871 Hyderabad Jaipur 17:50 19:50 6, 7 Direct 01-Jul 2849
SG-872 Jaipur Hyderabad 20:20 22:20 6, 7 Direct 01-Jul 2549
SG-845 Hyderabad Chandigarh 17:50 20:20 Except 6,7 Direct 01-Jul 4799
SG-846 Chandigarh Hyderabad 20:50 23:20 Except 6,7 Direct 01-Jul 4899
SG-841 Jaipur Guwahati 08:25 11:00 ALL Direct 01-Jul 4299
SG-842 Guwahati Jaipur 11:30 14:10 ALL Direct 01-Jul 4399
SG-761 Delhi Patna 16.45 18.5 ALL Direct 10-Jul 2449
SG-762 Patna Delhi 19.35 21.15 ALL Direct 10-Jul 2349

Flight Schedules:

(*1- Monday, 2- Tuesday, 3- Wednesday, 4- Thursday, 5- Friday, 6- Saturday, 7- Sunday)