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SpiceXpress gets ready to support Covid-19 vaccine distribution with its state-of-the-art cold chain service – Spice Pharma Pro
  • Ties up with global leaders in cold chain logistics
  • Offers cargo shipment service with controlled ambient temperatures ranging from -40°c to +25°c
  • Provides non-stop connectivity to major international destinations
  • Provides real-time tracking with temperature & humidity sensors
  • Creates infrastructure to ensure minimum excursion of temperature
  • Ties up with service providers to help shippers in packaging and extra protection
  • SpiceJet has transported 85,000 tons of cargo since nation-wide lockdown began

Gurugram, December 2, 2020: As the world is gearing up to fight the 2020 demon, Covid-19, and pharma companies are speeding up the manufacturing of vaccines, SpiceJet is gearing up to give the logistical support to help people get vaccinated. The temperature sensitivity to maintain efficacy of the vaccine calls for reliable, fast and secure logistics partner who understand the importance of cold chain.

After playing a critical role in transporting essentials and medical supplies during the lockdown and ensuring that the country’s supply chain remained intact, SpiceXpress, the dedicated cargo arm of SpiceJet, has come forth to take up the responsibility of seamlessly transporting the vaccine through a specialized service called Spice Pharma Pro.

Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, SpiceJet said, “Since the lockdown began, SpiceJet and its cargo arm, SpiceXpress, have worked relentlessly to ensure the transport of vital goods and medical supplies to all corners of India and the world. We have constantly innovated – be it converting passenger planes into freighters or carrying cargo on seat. We have been preparing for the humungous task of transporting medicines, vaccines, blood samples and temperature-sensitive cargo by developing end-to-end cold chain logistics solutions.”

“We have now tied up with global leaders in cold chain solutions offering active and passive packaging with dedicated equipment to perform seamless cold chain operations and I am happy to share that today SpiceXpress has the capability to transport extremely sensitive drugs and vaccines in controlled temperatures ranging from -40°c to +25°c. SpiceXpress is ready for the enormous task of distributing sensitive goods both domestically and internationally including Covid-19 vaccines that require stringent transportation conditions.”

With a dedicated fleet of 17 cargo aircraft, SpiceXpress is capable of flying cargo to both domestic and a wide list of international destinations. Besides, the airline also offers a plethora of other benefits such as a network of warehouses equipped with deep freezers to enable change of cool packs and ground vehicles and containers to help transport sensitive cargo.

SpiceJet has transported 85000 tons of cargo since the lockdown in March and the airline’s international cargo network now spans over 50 international destinations including USA, the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Uzbekistan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Canada among others.

About SpiceJet Ltd
SpiceJet is India’s favourite airline that has made flying affordable for more Indians than ever before. The airline has a fleet of 72 Boeing 737, 23 Bombardier Q-400s, 14 B737 & Bombardier Q-400 freighters and is the country’s largest regional player operating 59 daily flights under UDAN or the Regional Connectivity Scheme. The majority of the airline’s fleet offers SpiceMax, the most spacious economy class seating in India.

The airline also operates a dedicated air cargo service under the brand name SpiceXpress offering safe, on-time, efficient and seamless cargo connectivity across India and on international routes.