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SpiceJet’s Newest Innovation: ‘Carry More Onboard!’
Designed for those passengers who have heavier hand baggage, but prefer not to check it in
  • Cabin baggage above 7 kg can be carried on board upon payment of INR 250 per kg (upto max of 12 kg)
  • Bags can be heavier, but not larger: current max size dimensions still apply
  • No more debating what to take on board, no more being forced to check in your cabin baggage, and no more waiting for your bag at baggage claim
  • Available for all domestic flights, as well as international flights originating in India
  • Available on direct, via, and connecting flights
  • Single fee per check-in, one-way basis
  • Standard free baggage allowances remain as before

Gurgaon, 09 July, 2015: SpiceJet, the country’s #2 LCC and most innovative airline, launches ‘Carry More Onboard!’, an optional for-fee add-on service for those passengers with heavier cabin baggage, tomorrow, July 10.

With this new product, passengers can carry bags weighing upto 12 kg on board, for a fee of Rs 250 per kg for each kg above 7kg. This product is an option for those passengers who have heavier than 7kg cabin baggage, and is especially designed for those travelers who have no check-in luggage and do not want to be forced to check in their cabin baggage and then wait for it at baggage claim.

While the airline continues to allow a check-in bag upto 15kg for free (except for those who purchase the new optional “Hand Baggage Only” fares), the new product also benefits customers who are carrying fragile items, medicines, heavy documents etc., and prefer to keep these kinds of items in the cabin with them.

SpiceJet’s free cabin baggage allowance upto 7 kg remains unchanged. The number of bags allowed on-board remains one plus a standard sized shoulder laptop bag / ladies purse, and maximum permitted physical size dimensions of cabin baggage also remains unchanged.

“Until now, passengers who had heavier than 7kg carry-on bags were forced to check them in, which benefited neither them nor us. Many of our passengers, especially corporate travelers, told us they’d be willing to pay a small fee for the option of carrying slightly heavier bags onboard” said Mr. Sanjiv Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer, SpiceJet Ltd. “With the launch of “Carry More Onboard!”, we are giving passengers this choice, a choice that will be valued by those who prefer to keep their carry-on bags with them, as well as by those who do not want to wait for their carry-on bags at baggage claim”, he added. “The physical dimensions of bags that will be permitted in the cabin do not change, however – this initiative allows heavier, not larger, bags on board”, he concluded.

The product will be available for all domestic flights, as well as international flights originating in India. It is available on direct, via, and connecting flights, with a single check-in fee per check-in. To begin with, ‘Carry More Onboard!’ can be bought by customers during airport check-in and at the airport ticket counters, against a receipt. Pre-booking and online purchase of this option will be made available online soon as well. The product is non-refundable unless the entire booking is cancelled, and is not available for infants. It can be purchased with any type of fare such as the – SpiceSaver, Hand Baggage Only, SpiceFlex, etc.

About SpiceJet Ltd:

SpiceJet is India’s #2 low fare airline that has made flying more affordable for more Indians than ever before. SpiceJet operates 252 daily flights to 41 destinations, including 34 Indian and 7 international cities.

SpiceJet connects its network using next generation fleet of 18 B737 (Boeings) and 1 A319 (Airbus) along with 14 Bombardier Q-400 aircraft. The majority of SpiceJet’s fleet offer SpiceMAX, the most spacious economy class seating in India and perhaps the world, as an additional fee option.