Muscat, the capital of Oman, a popular destination in the Middle East has been an important trading port between the East and West since the early 1st century. By virtue of being a prominent port-town, Muscat soon became home to tradesmen and settlers from across the seas including Persians and Gujaratis. After the rule of the region was passed between various powers, it was in 1970 when the current ruler Qaboos bin Said rose as the Sultan. Muscat has since seen a meticulous rise in infrastructural development and paved a booming economy. Today, a multi-ethnic society has made Muscat its home.

The city lies within close proximity of the Strait of Hormuz, one of the world's most important sea passage that connects the Persian Gulf to the open ocean. Dates, fish and mother of pearl account for a majority of the city's exports. Oman as a country and home of the city boasts of an incredibly diverse environment with a wide array or tourist attractions. Oman's cultural tourism is also reckoned worldwide. Soft sand beaches, water sports, diving, desert safaris, caves, markets, museums, trekking, heritage sights, horse racing, and even turtle reserves come together to form the ultimate list of things to do across the country.

Eating Out!

The cuisine of Muscat as a region of Oman takes on its interpretation of Omani cuisine. With inspiration and influence of foods from several parts of Asia, the cuisine here includes dishes that often revolve around chicken, lamb and fish. While in Muscat, indulge in local delicacies and beverages including Maqbous, Harees, Kebabs, Mashuai, Kahwa and Laban.

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Shopping in Muscat is a great way to gain insight into the Oman's culture that imbibes both traditional and contemporary styles. Rose-water sprinklers, incense burners, rugs, saddles, garments, and Omani daggers are some of the must pick items. Local shopping markets are the best place to pick up souvenirs and interact with shopkeepers who when engaged might dish out more than just a great deal.

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Events & Festivals

  • Muscat Festival
    One of the most recogonised festivals in this city is the Muscat Festival that brings together the entire city in reflecting its culture, beauty and history. Held during the months of January and February every year, it provides an incredible insight into the depth of Muscat's history, heritage, and development. Shopping, sightseeing and activities inspired by Omani culture here bring the perfect opportunity in form of this festival to explore Muscat.