Nestled in the Western coast of India, Mangaluru is a popular halt for people travelling from Goa to Kerala and vice versa. This port city is a commercial hub of Karnataka from where coffee and spices are exported to across the world. This place also has a lot of history and was once a major ship building centre. Today, Mangaluru stands out as a quaint destination with old churches, temples, quaint houses and lots of coconut trees. Just driving through Mangaluru is sure to leave you rejuvenated.

Mangaluru is a hot destination for nature lovers and the Pilikula nisagardhama, situated nearby is a popular destination for many. A sprawling 300- acre Park, it draws people with its wildlife safari, boating facilities and a mini aquarium. The pristine beaches here are another major attraction and people spend their entire day walking by the sea.

Eating Out!

Hotel Ayodhya is famous for authentic Mangaluru style food items, try appam, ghee dose, vastad roti, parota and tingalavare song.

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Someshwar temple; Idgah mosque at the lighthouse hill is believed to be constructed by Tipu Sultan; Shreemanthi Bai Memorial Government Museum with many archaeology, ethnology, porcelain and wooden treasures.


Things You Must Buy when in Mangaluru - Salted Cashew nuts , Macroons , Banana Chips and Fresh Green Cardamom. There are a lot of Mangaluru shopping malls, which offer a variety of articles that are worthy buying. The names of some major shopping centers of the city are Hampankatta, Kankannady, Balmatta and Falnir.

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