SpiceJet Cargo

SpiceJet Cargo, a division of SpiceJet airlines, offers safe, on-time and efficient air freight transportation across India backed by SpiceJet's state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional expertise.

SpiceJet Cargo offers the capability to transport between 2 to 4 tons on our Boeing aircrafts and 500 to 700 kgs on our smaller Q400 series.

We have 400 scheduled daily flights, this amounts to a total capacity of approximately 600 tons on a daily basis.

The cargo team is backed by years of experience, and is fully capable of providing professionally handled for cargo and logistical services to all parts of India.

SpiceJet Cargo on a nationwide offers various products and services to major metros and smaller cities in India.

The array of products and services offered by SpiceJet Cargo includes General Cargo Services that cater to all types of general cargo, we also offer transportation of Human Remains , Live animals ( Certain Breed ) and Express cargo services.

The maximum acceptable dimensions for each package are L48''XB52''XH34'', with individual package weight not exceeding 100kgs.

You can book cargo directly at our offices across India, or through our authorized agents. Bookings should be made at least three hours prior to flight departure time, and are subject to availability of space. Direct bookings with SpiceJet Cargo will require payments to be made in cash.

Please find below the list of contact personnel at our offices across the country.

Please refer to to Track your consignment.

SpiceJet Cargo Regional Manager Details
Name Region Telephone no. E-Mail ID
Mr. Irfan Kanth North 9582241786
Mr. Ismail Ali West 9784429786
Mr. K. Sivakumar South 9962893992
Mr. Somnath Ghosh East 9836106979
Station Mobile No. E-Mail ID
Agartala(IXA) 9089237133/9774014721
Ahmedabad (AMD) 9099057163
Amritsar (ATQ) 7009241387
Bagdogra (IXB) 7449703093/9126331276
Bangalore(BLR) 9916010098
Chandigarh (IXC) 7837005177
Chennai (MAA) 4422561168
Coimbatore(CJB) 9047444102
Delhi(DEL) 01147322684/9873480665
Goa(GOI) 9673332703
Guwahati (GAU) 3612842872
Hyderabad(HYD) 9642325558
Jabalpur (JLR) 9755020084
Jaipur (JAI) 9772222881
Jammu(IXJ) 9596636664/ 9419242311
Kochi(COK) 04842611758/9745002249
Kolkata(CCU) 033-25112852
Madurai(IXM) 9655833434
Mangalore (IXE) 9071353634
Mumbai(BOM) 9920392941
PortBlair (IXZ) 9933246199
Pune (PNQ) 9673332702
Srinagar (SXR) 9796176499
Varanasi (VNS) 9795860050
Vishakhapatnam (VTZ) 9642577747
Trivandrum (TRV) 9895711158
Calicut (CCJ) 9895302960
Vijayawada (VGA) 9030529613
Silchar (IXS) 9476700995
Patna (PAT) 9534055085
Dehradun (DED) 9897794935
Gopeshwar (GOP) 8210011040
Surat (STV) 918448312376
Dibrugarh (DIB) 9085835359
Belagavi (IXG) 8310361779