The capital city of Madhya Pradesh is as rich in history and culture as the state itself. However, what will strike you about this city is the fine amalgamation of the old and the new. With development taking quick steps here, modern amenities have joined hands with the old city’s history and heritage. The Upper Lake and the Lower Lake form the centre of attraction and the city as well. The Upper Lake has many facilities like boating and water sports for tourists and can be an ideal place to spend an evening. However, one should not leave Bhopal before taking a round of the Chowk, at the centre of the city. The narrow alleys here are filled with small shops stocked with traditional treasures. From exquisite silver jewellery, bangles, embroidered goods and traditional crafts you will find them all in this place.

Eating Out!

Lagoon, a newly opened fast food joint at Bank Street in the MP Nagar area serves some delicious and pocket friendly varieties of fast food.

SpiceJet Recommendations!

Visit to the Bharat Bhavan - a centre for performing and visual arts; indira Gandhi rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya; Van Vihar, a safari park housing wide varieties of animal species.


Bhopal boasts of two main markets that have a bustling ambience and are flanked by quaint havelis and mosques. The two principal shopping areas of Bhopal include the New Market and the Chowk areas.

Best places to browse for souvenirs and local handcrafted items are the Mrignayanee Emporiuum, C.S Handloom and Avanti Handlooms.

A major highlight of Bhopal Shopping that attracts tourists by the droves are the fine tussar silks, trademark of Bhopal.Some of the best places to hunt for the finest tussar silks are the MP State Emporium, GTB Complex and TT Nagar.

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