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Nestled within the hilly regions of North-Eastern India, Agartala, the capital of Tripura, is situated at the banks of the Haroa River in the midst of verdant green cover. With its location and tribal amalgamation, the city cradles diverse cultures and is also just a bus ride away from Bangladesh. Agartala is known for its rustic hand woven fabrics with a growing handloom weaving industry.

Eating Out!

Being a growing city, there are no heritage or marquee restaurants here. Food here has a lot of influence from Bengali cuisine with dashes of the Kolkata street food culture.

SpiceJet Recommendations!

Restaurant Curry Club, HGB Rd, Hotel Welcome Palace.

Abhishek Restaurant, LN Bari Rd.

Restaurant Rajdhani, Hotel Rajdhani, BK Rd.


A rich tradition of handicrafts aided by the vast forestland provide for the ace craftsman of Agartala and for the avid shopped with decorated lampshades, hand woven fabrics and other home interior embellishments in a variety of patterns and colours.

Apart from the main market area, there are numerous government run shopping outlets like Travel-Agartala, which offers authentic artefacts and reasonable prices.

A visit to the tribal villages to see the artisans at work may also turn out to be rewarding.

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Events & Festivals

  • Kharchi puja and Ker puja are celebrated in July.
  • Kharchi puja is a weeklong festival celebrated to worship the fourteen Gods of the tribal kings. The week-long celebration is held in the temple premises and is joined by thousands of people. The word Kharchi is said to have been derived from Khya which means earth. Kharchi Puja is, therefore, the worship of the earth - the earth that sustains mankind with all her resources.
  • Tribals and non-tribals assemble in the courtyard of the temple of the fourteen Gods and sing songs to mark the occasion.
  • Ker puja is celebrated two weeks after Kharchi puja. The festival is held within the limits of a land boundary specified in the State Government gazetteer. Ker is the guardian deity of Vastu Devata, and literally translated, Ker stands for a boundary or specified area. A large piece of bamboo when bent in a particular fashion assumes the image of Ker.