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SpiceJet to recreate the magic @35000 feet
SpiceJet crew will demonstrate Yoga asanas for 4th consecutive year on ‘International Yoga Day’ on its flights

GURUGRAM, June 20, 2018: Having pioneered and successfully executed the distinctive industry first initiative of celebrating on-board yoga for four consecutive years, SpiceJet is all set to recreate the magic mid-air this International Yoga Day yet again.

Scheduled on 21st June 2018, the global event will witness SpiceJet in partnership with Isha Foundation ( constituting the unique program of “High on Yoga@35000 feet”. On the occasion, the airline’s crew will perform Yoga asanas specifically designed to be done on board flights. SpiceJet crew members specially trained by Isha Foundation will perform a 10 minutes Yoga session on board on select flights across the SpiceJet network on June 21.

SpiceJet has been receiving an overwhelming response from passengers and the industry across the globe for its unique stance of showcasing the country’s culture so beautifully on a global platform. The airline will proudly execute the initiative on select flights like Delhi-Cochin-Delhi, Delhi-Bagdogra-Delhi, Delhi-Bangalore-Delhi, Delhi-Goa-Delhi and Delhi-Pune on the D-day.

Each of the above flights will have one crew (trained by Isha Foundation) for the yoga activity. The trained staff, part of the operating crew, will position themselves at the first row and perform the asanas. Over the past three years passengers have been participating wholeheartedly by performing the travel-friendly asanas themselves while seated. The asanas will be conducted post takeoff, after the seat belt signs are switched off, observing all safety norms.

Ajay Singh, CMD, SpiceJet said, “Yoga is not just an exercise but a unique and powerful science that was gifted to the world by India. Considering the stressful life the current generation leads yoga has today become a necessity more than ever. And what best can serve than ‘Yoga on the go’. SpiceJet is known for its out-of-the-box initiatives and we strive to offer the best and the most engaging experiences to our customers while on-board. While we have many firsts to our credit, on-board yoga is near to our heart as it gives us the unique privilege of showcasing our country’s rich heritage globally.”

The airline will focus on two key practices --- the ‘Neck & Shoulder Practice’ and ‘Nadi Shuddhi’. While the former can do wonders to relieve the stiff muscles in the neck and shoulder region and keeps the spine healthy and active, the latter practice cleanses the nadis – the pathways through which pranic energy flows – resulting in a balanced system and psychological wellbeing.