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SpiceJet launches 19 new flights connecting Mumbai
  • First Indian LCC to connect Mumbai with Madurai
  • Connects Mumbai with Dehradun, Jammu and Guwahati for the first time on its network with daily flights
  • Bookings open

GURUGRAM, May 02, 2019:SpiceJet, the country’s favourite carrier, today announced the launch of 19 new flights connecting the financial capital of Mumbai with other cities on its domestic network. The new flights reiterate the airline’s commitment for direct connectivity and on-boarding non-metros and smaller cities onto the national aviation map. All these flights will be effective starting end of this week.

SpiceJet is the first Indian LCC to introduce daily direct flights on the Mumbai-Madurai-Mumbai sector. The airline has also introduced new flights on the Mumbai-Jammu (via Srinagar), Mumbai-Dehradun-Mumbai and Mumbai-Guwahati-Mumbai sectors.

SpiceJet will also enhance its operations on the Mumbai-Srinagar, Mumbai-Coimbatore-Mumbai, Mumbai-Kochi-Mumbai and Mumbai-Jaipur-Mumbai by adding its second direct flight on the routes. Additionally the airline has also enhanced operations on the routes of Srinagar-Jammu (3rdfrequency), Mumbai-Chennai-Mumbai (4th frequency) and Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai (8th frequency).

All the new flights introduced will be operational daily, except the flight on the Mumbai-Kochi-Mumbai sector which will be operational all days of the week except Tuesdays. Deploying its Boeing 737 – 800 aircraft on these routes, SpiceJet aims to further strengthen its network between metros and non-metros.

In order to cater to the increased demand created due to shortage of capacity, starting April 1, SpiceJet has announced 65 flights which includes 40 flights connecting Mumbai, 10 flights connecting Delhi and 8 flights connecting Mumbai to Delhi.

Shilpa Bhatia Chief Sales and Revenue Officer SpiceJet, said: “We are delighted to announce new flights from Mumbai, the country’s financial capital. We are taking all measures to deal with the shortage of capacity in the Indian aviation market. With these new and additional flights, we aim to minimize the inconvenience caused to the passengers due to the ongoing crisis within the aviation industry."

As a pro-active measure, to counter the ongoing sector crisis resulting in a huge shortage of capacity in the Indian aviation market, the airline has been consistently working towards introducing new flights and frequencies to restore normalcy. The airline has in the past few weeks introduced a host of new flights from Mumbai alone on the routes of Mumbai-Jaipur-Mumbai, Mumbai-Amritsar-Mumbai, Mumbai-Mangalore-Mumbai and Mumbai-Coimbatore-Mumbai sectors besides additional frequencies on the routes of Mumbai-Patna-Mumbai, Mumbai-Hyderabad-Mumbai and Mumbai-Kolkata-Mumbai.

SpiceJet has also announced a slew of new non-stop international flights to Hong Kong, Jeddah, Dubai, Colombo, Dhaka, Riyadh, Bangkok and Kathmandu from Mumbai.

With the new flights, passengers from Madurai, Jammu, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Jaipur and Guwahati will be able to easily travel to a host of other cities both on SpiceJet’s domestic as well as international network via Mumbai and Delhi.

Flight Schedule:

Flight No. Origin Destination Departure Arrival Date of operations Effective from
SG-6378 Mumbai Terminal 2 Madurai 1.25 pm 3.20 pm Daily 4-May-19
SG-6379 Madurai Mumbai Terminal 2 3.50 pm 6.15 pm Daily 4-May-19
SG-6281 Jammu Mumbai Terminal 2 9.50 am 12:45 pm Daily 4-May-19
SG-6280 Mumbai Terminal 2 Srinagar 5.15 am 8.10 am Daily 4-May-19
SG-6245 Mumbai Terminal 2 Coimbatore 7.10 pm 9.05 pm Daily 4-May-19
SG-6248 Coimbatore Mumbai Terminal 2 9.35 pm 12.15 am Daily 4-May-19
SG-6280 Srinagar Jammu 8.50 am 9.20 am Daily 4-May-19
SG-6289 Chennai Mumbai Terminal 2 6.45 am 8.45 am Daily 8-May-19
SG-6289 Mumbai Terminal 2 Dehradun 9.25 am 11.20 am Daily 8-May-19
SG-6290 Dehradun Mumbai Terminal 2 12 noon 2.30 pm Daily 8-May-19
SG-6282 Mumbai Terminal 2 Kochi 3.10 pm 5.05 pm 1,3,4,5,6,7 8-May-19
SG-6283 Kochi Mumbai Terminal 2 5.35 pm 7.40 pm 1,3,4,5,6,7 8-May-19
SG-6902 Mumbai Terminal 2 Delhi Terminal 2 8.20 pm 10.10 pm Daily 8-May-19
SG-8723 Delhi Terminal 2 Mumbai Terminal 2 8.30 am 10.35 am Daily 8-May-19
SG-6265 Mumbai Terminal 2 Guwahati 11.15 am 2.25 pm Daily 8-May-19
SG-6266 Guwahati Mumbai Terminal 2 2.55 pm 6.05 pm Daily 8-May-19
SG-6236 Mumbai Terminal 2 Jaipur 6.45 pm 8.25 pm Daily 8-May-19
SG-6237 Jaipur Mumbai Terminal 2 8.55 pm 11.10 pm Daily 8-May-19
SG-6287 Mumbai Terminal 2 Chennai 12.15 am 2.15 am Daily 9-May-19