My Flexi Plan

Planning a trip will be easier than ever. SpiceJet brings to you another innovative add-on service 'My Flexi Plan'. This add-on service gives you the flexibility of cancelling or changing the ticket(s) to suit your travel plan. Passengers can opt for this add-on at the time of booking by paying a nominal fee of INR 1500 for domestic travel ticket and INR 1750 for International travel ticket (w.e.f. 21st December 2017). The service will be applicable only for one change or one cancellation per ticket.

The service will appear along with other add-ons at the time of booking. And this Service is offered on a per head basis and in case of multiple passengers on a single PNR, each Passenger will be charged individually.

So, if you are certain about travel but not about the dates, then book a ticket by opting for this service. Good fun and peace of mind is guaranteed.

Read the terms and conditions before you book the tickets.

  • Passengers can opt for 'My Flexi Plan' product at the time of ticket booking made only through SpiceJet reservations latest 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flights and 3 hours prior to departure for international booking.
  • Upon buying 'My Flexi Plan', the Passenger will become eligible to either change the date of travel once OR cancel the booking without paying the applicable Change Fees/ Cancellation Fees.
    However, in the event of change of date of travel desired by the Passenger, the same is subject to availability and payment of the differential fare amount.
  • My Flexi Plan is available to be bought on per passenger, per sector (direct/ via/ connecting flight) basis and is available at the following prices:
    • For domestic bookings: INR 1,500/-*
    • For international bookings: INR 1,750/-*

      *The above prices are all-inclusive of any and/ or all applicable taxes and/ or levies etc. (w.e.f. 21st December 2017)

  • Under a booking, a maximum of one (01) Flexi Change/ Cancellation can be bought per passenger, per sector.
  • My Flexi Plan is a voluntarily subscription and is a non-refundable product.
  • In the event of flight cancellation, the price of 'My Flexi Plan' will be refunded to the passenger.
  • SpiceJet reserves the right to withdraw/ cancel and/ or amend the terms and conditions of 'My Flexi Plan' product without any prior notice.
  • All other Terms of Carriage, as available at www.spicejet.com, shall be applicable.